Sketching a Travel Memory: Le Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy

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Hi, Hive friends! I did a quick study sketch of Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy. We went here last year in the summer after visiting my husband's relatives. Many times, I've seen a lot of sketches and paintings of Mont-Saint-Michel on my newsfeed so I got interested to draw it.


Here is a reference photo personally taken at Mont-Saint-Michel. I just zoomed it in to get some details.



I started with a sketch using an HB pencil. I outlined the abbey using gray color pens.


I colored the grasses, yellow-green and green.


Color brown for the dirt, soil, or ground.



I started to color the sky blue using Morandi acrylic pens.


I thought I was going to leave some blank space on the clouds but decided to fill in some little sky blues.


I used white ink for the clouds. I used dark blue Morandi acrylic pens to outline the clouds. But ended up coloring around the clouds.


I felt unsatisfied because the color looked so dull so I added violet and pink colors in the sky using colored pens.


I added two groups of birds flying above the abbey.


Still, I am not happy even though violet and pink were present in the skies.


I added royal blue above the skies. Now, I am happy and satisfied with the result.

Well, it was indeed a quick sketch study of Mont Saint Michel just to test myself if I could draw it. But I would also love to paint it. :D

My Shorts video on YouTube

We took a bus going to Mont Saint Michel from the parking lot where we parked our car. You can choose to walk or take a bike. But we also got the chance to visit the church upstairs, it was tiring taking the steps. Haha!

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The place is so pretty oi, it looks more awesome in that angle. And the art, it's cuteeeeww.

Yes, it was a nice place gyud. just 1 hour and 30 minutes from our home.

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Mukhang nahihilig kna mag sketch lately.. hehe..

Yes, because this mama is having her little freedom na. hahaha!

Cute! Very artistic..

Thank you so much :D

The final result is very beautiful ! :) thanks for sharing with us

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Thank you so much for the appreciation and curation. :D

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