Actifit iOS V0.8.2 Out💥📱Revamped Post Screen. Revamped Wallet. Sting Chat Integration

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We are delighted to bring you another big update to your Actifit iOS experience.

The update has already been approved quite fast and is available on app store here, so make sure to update your app to the latest version v0.8.2 ASAP.


Main Features

iOS version has lined up again with its Android counterpart, bringing the updates to the post, wallet, and chat screen to our iOS community. Below are some of the core functions that have been added:


  • New Post Screen: We've created a new post screen, making it more convenient than ever to create a post with a complete revamp of the prior experience and underlying code. For more details about the screen and interaction with it, refer back to the android update here


  • New Wallet Screen: We have made a revamp of the wallet screen, bringing a lot more information and actions to your wallet. Those include seeing your AFIT, HIVE and Hive-engine tokens, as well as the capability to transfer tokens over (currently only available to AFIT and HIVE). To transfer tokens, you need to set your funds password/active key on the settings menu. For more details, refer to Actifit Android latest version announcement here



  • Chat Screen: Chat to your community? we've got you covered :) We brought Sting Chat by Peakd to Actifit iOS. You can chat to the Actifit community (and other hive communities) right from the app now.


  • Bug Fixes: We fixed several bugs. issues and crashes within the app as part of UX improvement.

Support our Work

As always, we would love to hear your feedback about those new improvements and any suggestions you would have.

It helps us big time if you support our DHF proposal by allowing us to speed up our work and assign more resources, hence funding our growth and work in support of hive.
We also run more than 20 servers in support of hive and hive-based dapps/initiatives, alongside hive and hive-engine witness and API nodes:

Actifit team


Very good update actifit ios

That's really a great update done there

Really solid updates, having the new post screen is much improved.