Actifitter of the Week #7 - Vote Your Favs!

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Actifitter of the Week #7 - Vote Your Favs!

It's Time to pick the Best Author on Actifit for this week!


We are excited to join in the latest initiative running through hive, aimed at rewarding quality authors and community members.

We are already proud of all of our Actifitters on a daily basis, and it is great to read and be inspired by your posts every day!

This comes as an additional initiative to our existing curation effort in collaboration with ocd, with posts being selected biweekly via @actifit.curate account.

Via the actifitter of the week, we want to involve you in making the decision. And there can only be One (get the highlander reference lol) winner here!

So, every week, we will have 4 actifitters highlighted and we will request your upvotes for choosing the winner. As per the guidelines, we will be using leothreads for the polls.

We try to shortlist the top of the top, based on the content quality, originality, and the photographs used in the report card. Is the post useful, fun, original, descriptive enough, true? If so it has a chance to make it to the weekly authors and/or to our curated posts that come out twice a week!

Week 6 Winner:

Last week's contenders were @terganftp, @ifarmgirl-leo, @go-kyo and @aslamrer.
You cast your votes, and the winner was @ifarmgirl-leo, congrats!
You will earn rewards as a beneficiary from this post!

Results can be found under the leothread here

Week 7 Contenders

Contenders for this week are:

Now your call .. head over to leothreads to vote for your favorite author by clicking link below

Vote NOW


Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for including me, and congratulations to @ifarmgirl-leo!! 🦋

Good luck to you and many thanks :)

Best of luck to this week's contenders!

Many thanks to everyone who took part on the poll voting last week. Let's go vote for this selection of the week!

Congratulations to all lucky winners. I 'm happy to be part of this community. Surely, I shall cast my vote. Thanks for mentioning me in the best competition.

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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