My Actifit Report Card: March 14 2023

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Hey fellow Actifitters... After a long time, am I back?

Cakes in Piran (Slovenia)

Yesterday I installed the Actifit app on my (almost new) FairPhone 4: it seems to work really well! 🥰

I practiced yoga and, after several months, I ran (together with my friend Alberto) a light run alternating with walking.

I wish everyone a very sweetest day!!! 😜 😎


Hey, amici Actifitters... Dopo tanto tempo, sono tornato?

Soldi a Pirano (Slovenia)

Ieri ho installato l'app Actifit sul mio (quasi nuovo) FairPhone 4: pare funzionare davvero bene! 🥰

Ho praticato yoga e, dopo diversi mesi, ho corso (assieme al mio amico Alberto) una corsa leggera alternata a camminata.

Auguro a tutti una dolcissima giornata!😜 😎

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Running, Walking, Yoga


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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