Preparations: October 5 2023

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Yesterday evening was dedicated to today's gig with practicing songs and more importantly deciding on which ones we are going to do.
I have finally cracked "Kiss me" (Sixpense) on the harmonica which for some reason gave me grief so that made it on the list and fingers crossed it works alright..

I still have to pretty up the set list and get it printed a few times to scatter around the stage.
Looks like the pub owners are as excited as us so that should make for a good night I hope..

We walked through town in the morning and Mia stopped at the Ferro Lounge asking to be let in.. 😄
I wonder what their issue was? They had big tapes across the door with a rather serious warning to stay out.. Weird..🤷‍♀



Under the bridge..


..and out by the river..




Loved their little patio all planted up..


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Those tapes looked liked the ones in crime movies. 😄

I know!!! I wonder what's going on in there.. 😂
Maybe the coffee machine finally started working and bubbled over.. lol

Was the gig last night or tonight? Hope it's good either way. I'm away for the weekend and will miss band practice. Going to a couple of gigs though, so will report on those.


It's tonight; been practicing last night.
Have a nice time!

Dear @anna-newkey, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @steevc.

Gonna share that new song!? I’m all about some harmonica action!

…beautiful pictures (I can see them)!!

One day will start posting music again.. :)
Steve plays guitar on that one.

I can see them YAY!!!! 😄

I am excited for that day - but no rush, all things come in their own time!