My Actifit Report Card: February 22 2024

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Hi to all my actifiters friends around the worlds, how are you doing today?
I am hoping that you are all healthy and fine. Today i want to share my activity.
I think today is not different at all with yesterday. I am still doing daily routine with put my wife and son in school. then working in front of my pc. Then, picking up my son. Eating lunch together. Got wet because of rain when picking up my wife. Yeah absolutely same as usual. Nothing change much.And still struggle with financial ( i think this is almost everybody problem). Whats make different today that in my family group my mom sending many picture when me and my brother were a kid. And ehen i am looking at it. My face when i was a kid is almost same with my son face. Thats really something.
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Daily Activity, House Chores
180 cm
83 kg
Body Fat


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Sounds like you have a wonderful family my friend!😄
Family is so very important that's why we all want to stay healthy!
Congratulations on your 5K @actifit steps today keep up the healthy lifestyle!😄

not great family but i am really lucky to have them in my life. At least i can depend on them until right now if i got into trouble.
Yeah kinda busy with work and my phone is little broken that can make the batterai down so fast. thats why cannot adding more steps when the phone died

Battery life on phones always seem to be a problem, my friend!😳
Good that you can depend on your family!😊