My Actifit Report Card: February 23 2024

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Hi to all my actifiters friends around the worlds, how are you doing today? i am hoping that you are all healthy and fine. Today i want to share my activity. Today i need to pick stuff from bus terminal. So after i am put my wife and my son in school today i need to eait around 45 minutes before i need to go bus terminal.
And i am ordering coffe while waiting in road coffe stall in front of my son school.

And when the bus driver called me, that means the bus is almost arrived. So i riding my motorcycle to go to bus terminal. It took around 45 minutes to go there.
After arrived i am little bit amazed with the look of the terminal. The last time i got there is 7 years ago and the look of that place is very dirty. And now it looks much better.

It is more cleaning and cannot smoking inside the room. I think it is better right now than 7 years ago.

After i received the stuff then i am going back home. So i am ordered dimsum frozen food from my friend. And i want to sell it in my town. I think it can be opportunity to get some cash revenue by selling this dimsum. And it does not have any risk at all.

After arrived at home, i am unpacking the dimsum and put them in freezer first. And after that i am starting arrange the shipment for local buyer first today. After fone listing it, i need to wait a little bit and while waiting time i am playing splinterlands today. Then at 10 a. m i am starting to deliver the dimsum to my buyer. After done delivered the dimsum i decided to go to school to pick up my son.
After returned home as usual preparing lunch, eating lunch together. And after that i am just playing games and finish all task for scholar accounts first. And ehen evening came, i need to pick up my wife. After arrived at home as usual in friday, i put my dirty clothes to laundry services. Then i am buying a gallon of mineral water to drink. And i am continuing my games until night. So many task to do today. But i am happy to do it.
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Daily Activity, House Chores, Photowalking
180 cm
82 kg
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Dimsum is looking tasty my mouth is water also nice pictures of the place it’s really clean!



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