Sunday cross country skiing tour in winterwonderland ❄️☀️❄️- My Actifit Report Card: December 3 2023

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Hey dear actifitters and readers,

it was a Sunday with blue sky, sun and a lot of snow. 😍

All the last weekends it was cold, rainy and ugly. And so it was on Saturday in the city but over night temperatures fell down and rain changed to snow.

We went to the Blackforest for a cross country skiing tour trough this wonderful winterwonderland.

As it was the first perfect day for adventures in the snow it was hard to find a place to park the car. It seemed the whole city was in the mountains.

I found some moments to take pictures without all the people on track.

We made some kilometres on our ski and stopped from time to time to enjoy the view and take pictures.

I hope for some more sunny days in the snow this season.

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Amazing how your place looks lovely in all seasons! Wow indeed! :D happy Chooseday -- choose happy always! :D

Made in Canva


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