Sunday matchday, Monday spring walk - My Actifit Report Card: February 20 2024

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Hey dear actifitters and readers,

here comes my actifit update about the last two days. 😀

On Sunday we had volleyball matchday. We had two games and won both games by 3:0 🏆

We met in the morning at the train station. I picked up two thirds of our team and drove them safely to the sports hall.

It took us half an hour and we were right in time to do our warm up for half an hour. Than we started in the first match and it went very well.

Our opponents had almost no chance and we had really fun playing a decent match.

We had to be the referees for the next match.

I'm not good in doing the job at the whistle but luckily no difficult decisions had to be made. 😀

Our second match was a very hard fight. We started very unlucky in every single set and had to fight back to take the lead.
And somehow we could manage it. The final scores are 25:23, 26:24, 25:23. It was a very close match and the fight was hard. But at the end we were happy.

My day yesterday was a usual home office day. But I stopped working in the early afternoon for a walk.

I walked along the river and things changing.

The first flowers are out and the bushes starting to blossom 😀

I'm really looking forward to see all this in vivid green colours.

Thanks for reading and if you want Follow me

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Congratulations to you and your team for winning the matches. Enjoy the moments.



Sounds like an amazing day for you.
Congratulations on the win and it's good you had fun playing the game.

Wishing you an amazing week.

Made in Canva


- @jmis101 - Moderator

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