Carrots last part & Actifit March 1 2024

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Carrot story continues with the last part, it looks like working the land and planting them was a waste of time/work/ the entire field got overturned/plowed yesterday. I guess they won't be planting carrots again this year. :))



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Wow, that sounds like such a waste!!🙄
Do you have any idea why they plowed these carrots into the ground?
All these carrots are still good?

Yes they're good, but haven't seen anyone interested in picking them up...

Isn’t that strange……… makes me wonder why?🤔 it possible the crop was planted to replace nutrients in the ground? Corn takes nutrients out, so maybe.......

If not, such a waste. Take care!

People use fertilizers here, and not only chemical ones but animal/cow waste as well. I think there are much better options than carrots to replace nutrients, I've never heard of it being done with carrots. :))

Neither have I but it was the only thing I could think of besides the waste of the crop. Take care!

I wish I was here
I’d have just been harvesting carrots that I didn’t plant😂