My Actifit Report Card: January 21 2024 : I Am Alive Challenge

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Hello Amigos 🤗

A humble welcome to my actifit report for Sunday 22nd January, 2024.

I didn't forget to do our Sunday song......“oh happy day” but i added lots of praises.

My day started well and I was able to prepare for Sunday service on time.

I got to church on time and I enjoyed the service.

Message : Praise for supernatural publicity, global announcement and dominion.

Christianity is the normal replacement with the supernatural.

Praise is the strongest force that turns the neglected to be selected and the rejected to be elected.

No matter how obscure a man's life, once the holy Ghost announces him, he becomes a showpiece to the world.

To be at the center of praise is to be at the center of life.

Praise is the fastest access to God to get his assets.

When you praise God in the house of God, you become a householdname.

Praising God turns obscurity to popularity.

Heavenly adoration is the secret to earthly dominion (1 Corinthians 14:17)

When praise is done wholeheartedly, the holy Spirit intervenes quickly.

Every new move in the new testament is usually announced by the holy spirit (Matthew 3:16-17.)

When a man praises God he removes obscurity and makes that man a cynosure to the world (Acts 2:6).

Things to know about this kind of praise

A. It must be heart-rooted.

B. It must be done with your eyes focused on God's word, concerning publicity and dominion (Romans 10:18, Psalm 78:8)

C. It must be faith based (Romans 4:20)

After service I walked back joyfully.

I enjoyed a peaceful rest, how I love sunday's.

Then a friend of mine came back.

And stressed me with helping her pack some of her stuff.

My rest day is over.

I wish Sundays have extension.

Let's go this week.

Wishing you all a fabulous week.

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog 😘💕

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A nice and restful Sunday you had. It seems you guys had a cool weather...there was no sun. Nice nice nice!

There was hot sun in the afternoon, but then I was inside sleeping peacefully 😃

Thank you very much dear for stopping by 😊

but then I was inside sleeping peacefully 😃

God when 🤲🤲
Keep enjoying

Yes oo
Sunday is my rest day 😊

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Omg! Can’t even remember the last time I read your post. This new year have been more than stressful for me. I now rarely have time for some important activities.
I think I may be release a bit from March or April.
Have a lovely day friend

Glad you stopped by dear.

Do have an amazing week 😊


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Wow, such a powerful packed message,
Happy new week ❤️

Thank you very much dear.

Enjoy your week dear

Me too bestie, I wish there were more rest days

It's really needed.

Have a wonderful week bestie 🥰

You too bestie

Alright dearie