My Actifit Report Card: November 19 2023

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We played disc golf in the woods today. There were a lot of tight lines, and I tied for first place with a +15 score. The other players had +24 and +26.

I don't usually like to play in a wooded course unless it is cleared out in some areas. There were a lot of leaves and branches and not much of a fairway. We were hitting trees a lot.

I only had eighteen discs in my bag in order to lighten it up a bit. I usually like to play with my cart because it keeps the weight off my back. In this wooded course, a cart would not work very well.

I'm glad I did not carry more discs because I felt fine by the end of the round. Hopefully, my back won't bother me tomorrow.

One of my friends lost one of his discs on a hole. I was hesitant to play this course just in case this might happen. There is a tournament coming up on Friday, and I have everything well set in my bag. It is the last tournament of the season for me.

I think my friend will get his disc back, but it might not be before Friday.

Abstract photography:

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Good morning sir, how is the family? Wow!!! An on coming tournament on Friday, I wish you all the best 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. I love the abstratic photo, please permit me to take a deep look at it... !AFIT

Congratulations on the Win !

Thank you for sharing your daily activities with us.
Did you later recover the lost disc of your friend?

Good morning 🌞
This picture is really unique, and these steps are really nice 👍
Have a great day ahead 🙏

14.4 activity report is very good

Good image display. Today I congratulate you on the activities you have carried out.

As always, I always hope your practice is perfect.

The colorful photos are very good and very interesting with different colors. I like green among these colors

You play a challenging round of disc golf in a forest with tight lines and obstacles. Managing your disk selection and keeping an eye on your friends' lost disks adds an interesting dynamic. Good luck in the upcoming tournament on Friday – hopefully your well-prepared bag will serve you well! Oh yeah, cool colorful neon confetti!😊

The training is tiring but it pays off by getting a very good score, especially playing with your friends, it's definitely very fun, and hopefully in this Friday's tournament you can win the match with your friends, and I hope you always have a nice day.

Awesome 👌
Nice to see you hit above 14k walks.
Where is my lovely Doggie? You didn't go with him today.

18 discs. That's a lot. For the longest I used to play leagues with 2 discs. A Wraith and a Dart. I'm up to like 6 that I actually use.. I added a Raider, a Surge, a Roc, and a Fuse.

I think it's good to play any course because you can gain some new knowledge and learn something new from it so there's nothing to be discouraged about.

And the photography is amazing, thank you so much for sharing such photography and your activity with us.

This is amaz6 photo📷 shoot love ❤ this man @lightsplasher nice 👍


Of course it's a really fun day for you today playing with your friends, especially since the area you chose was a field with a canopy, as usual you got first position and luckily you didn't lose your disc there, I hope your friend's disc can be retrieved from the hole, I Waiting for news about your tournament in the hope that everything goes as expected

The abstract photo shows several coins that have various colors with beautiful light reflections