My Actifit Report Card: November 25 2023

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I did some walking with Doggie today and a bit of yard work. I have a large drum in the backyard that catches rainwater. I bailed all the water out of it because I did not want it to freeze.

Other than that, I did not do much. I am still recovering from the tournament yesterday. My Fitbit readiness score was a two. That's about as low as it has been in a while. For some reason, tournaments seem to be a lot harder on my body even though I am playing the same disc golf course.

Maybe I should try to relax more in a tournament. In general, my scores are not nearly as good as what I do in a normal round. It is a good practice to learn how to stay calm and relaxed in a tournament.


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Daily Activity, Walking, Yard Work


Sounds like doggy is relaxed, maybe we should all take some cues from our furry friends, they seem to take life easy!😄
Have a relaxing evening my friend, with a readiness score of two, an easy evening might be good!!😄

Doggie does have a good side and relaxes at times. He also loves to go totally bonkers sometimes when the occasion arises, lol. I think he thinks he's twice as big as he is and aggressively takes on the big dogs but he is learning to mellow out more.

lol that’s good to hear….. mellow is always better for all of us!😇
Enjoy your evening my friend!🤗

Doggy looks so cute. You have photographed this doggy beautifully.

Thank you, I'm glad you like the photo.

The fur is really very thick and long and the color is nice

In the summer it might be a bit too thick and long but he seems to do alright as long as he is not out in the sun too long.

Wow! I have finally seen a photo of Doggies once again after a while. This one would be cool to sketch.

Nice to know you had a little walk out with Doggie

Feel free to sketch any of my photos that you like. I would love to see your work.

Oh okay, nice to get a feedback from you. Will definitely mention you anytime I get it done😊

Quite a nice fur look on that little dog. How are you today, friend, and hopefully you can carry out your activities smoothly today.

I'm doing fine and finding a lot of things to do with my time. This time of year there are a lot of activities happening.

Glad to hear your friend is doing well. Hopefully every activity you do can run smoothly and everything will be made easier. Greetings to you and your family there and hopefully they are always in good condition and can carry out their activities smoothly.

Looks like you had an active day with Doggie and some yard work. Managing rainwater to prevent freezing shows good foresight. Tournaments can be physically draining, and finding ways to stay calm may have a positive impact on your performance. How does your Doggie usually respond to your active days?😊

Doggie does love to go out on the disc golf course with me. I don't often take him because it is a lot harder for me to play if I have friends that I am with. When I am on my own it is a lot easier. He can usually keep up unless it is really hot and sunny.

you didn't do much work today apart from walking with your dog and also dumping water in a large drum, getting enough rest might make your recovery a little faster

your dogie is really so cute

It has been a busy few days for me with the tournament and all the other activities. I feel like I have recovered a bit at this point.

Doug's photography looks like he is passing through so much joy and happiness, he looks so beautiful.

Thank you very much for sharing with us your activity words and your physical discussion words as well.

He does express his happiness a lot. I can tell when he is feeling relaxed and happy.


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