My Actifit Report Card: December 1 2023

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The four of us played a tough wooded disc golf course today. Scores were +17, +22, +25, and +26. I was struggling and finding a lot of out-of-bounds areas and came in third.

My friend found one of my missing discs from a couple of days ago and offered to help me look for another disc I lost in a tournament. We played another partial round of 16 holes. Both of us looked for the Mantra disc that I lost but could not find it. I ended up winning that round with a +4 to a +11. I think my friend was getting a bit tired - actually, we both were.

I was tired enough that I lost a disc and had no idea when it happened. I reached for the disc in my bag on the last hole but could not find it. I think I must have forgotten to pick it up or something. These courses are long enough that you really don't want to try and retract your steps after a couple of rounds. Hopefully, it will come back to me if it is out in the open.

A picture near hole one's basket looking back up the fairway towards the tee pad:

This hole is a tough par three that I usually play with four throws. If you clear the top of the hill in the right spot, you can sometimes make an approach throw that will put you close enough to make a putt. I my case that needs to be somewhere under twenty feet or so, fifteen to be safe. (Yes, I know more practice would be good, lol.) Lost discs can happen without a spotter because of the leaves and logs.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.e++
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If you are going to play the game, keep it as normal, friend, you will be the first in the future, Inshallah!

Very nice view. How are you today.

Another site for golf ⛳ today amazing view Allah bless you and make you healthy @lightsplasher

Find a disc, lose a disc… it all evens out. Hope you find it next time. Beautiful forest.

Looks like a beautiful course I hope you get your disc back!!😄
Frosting on the mountain top winter is here my friend!😄

I am happy that one of your missing disc has been found. I hope you find the remaining ones later.
Nice to see you hit over 17k walks.

Looking at today's scores it looks like you are very happy with yourself and played well in your tournament and one thing is good that helping each other is friendship like your lost pain your friend has returned to you and is ready to cooperate with you these things are my I like it very much.

And thank you very much for presenting us a very beautiful scene.

Hope your next matches will become good,hope you have a great day and happy.


Wow! Certainly, navigating difficult wooded trails is a challenge in itself, with the risk of disk loss and added complications. However, it's amazing to see how your friends manage to find the lost disk, adding a camaraderie dimension to the adventure.

A detailed description of the difficult par three near hole one provides a clear picture of the course's complexity. The strategic position on the hill adds an interesting aspect, emphasizing the importance of precision for a successful spin.

Overall, your narrative manages to capture the essence of a day full of challenges and friendship. This experience highlights the unpredictability of disc golf and the excitement that remains despite the ups and downs. Extraordinary!🤠

The trees there are very shady and the air there must be very fresh because there are so many trees. I really like it when I see what you photographed.

Glad to hear that your friend found the disc that was lost again, and hopefully the disc that was just lost can be found again, and I see that today you are practicing very well with your friend, it must be very fun, and the forest golf course looks very bright very.

From this picture, it feels like the holidays because of the blue tint on the leaves 😅... anyway, I hope you or someone else will find the lost disc and return it. Have a nice day 🔆

It was a fun and tiring day at the same time, you had a long round of golf today, a lot of things happened there and fortunately your disc which was lost some time ago was found by your friend, this is really lucky,

the field you are playing on today looks so full of bushes it will definitely be difficult to find a flying disc there, a good shot of course

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This is a beautiful scenery suitable to be a place to play, hopefully the throw is right on target

Lots of big trees there. The place is also so nice. Congratulations for today's activities friends.