My Actifit Report Card: December 2 2023

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My Fitbit readiness score was a one this morning, so I took a day off from disc golf. My friend was playing and he had the same workout yesterday. Maybe he is in better shape than I am.

I remembered what happened to the Assasin disc that I lost yesterday. I let my friend know where I left it, and he spotted it on the course when he was playing there today. It was really nice to get it back.

I usually don't forget a disc on the course, but it was an unusual situation where we were discusing the rules around the placement of a marker after a disc goes out of bounds.

The moon was looking like this early this morning:

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher....
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Awesome photo of the moon my friend!😄
With a Fitbit readiness score of one it was probably best you took the day off and rested.......
The Mrs tells me her Fitbit isn't showing a readiness score at the moment, something must be not working properly...

You do need to have a premium membership to get the readiness score. I got the six months for free after purchasing new hardware. Sometimes it won't show the score in the morning until I sync the Fitbit a couple of times.

Liz has the premium membership, she is using the Sense 2 and she said she has had the same issues as you are having....... Something about a new firmware update two days ago...😲

Good morning sir, how is the family. A day off from the course, how is Doggie. What about the solar panel, hope is doing well?

Best of day sir 🎄🎄🎄💝💝💝

Everyone is fine here, my son playing in a series of concerts. Doggie is just fine and got his usual walk today. The solar panels put out 2.8 kWh which was more than yesterday. It was a bit cloudy so the power output was down a bit.

Thanks great, I sincerely appreciate all your support sir, do have a great day 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️.

Forgetting was the complete lesson in the book of english which I used to learn in 8th class, it is the good sign from Nature that we are forgetting. Anyway thanks to your friend who let you know about the disc @lightsplasher

It was very nice of my friend to look for the disc and get it back to me. I had no idea what I had done with it until I remembered what had happened.

Wow! That's a rare picture of a half moon looking like an earth. Never seen such before in my life. It sees as though darkness was used to cover the half part of it.
By the way, your camera is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

This is an outstanding view of moon. Really wonderful to look at. Nice photography.

taking time off from playing golf is not a bad thing, to make everything return to normal and you can get enough rest, fortunately your disc that was left on the field can be found again,

This is the advantage of the cellphone you are using, with the moon being so far away you can take good shots

In fact, without seeing this photographer of yours, I would not have realized how much we miss, in fact, it is also a part of our nature, but it is unfortunate that we wake up late and cannot enjoy these natural beauties.

Thank you very much for presenting us such a beautiful moon photography.

Beautiful Moon capture.

The Fitbit readiness score not only influences your golf disc rest time but also underscores the intersection of fitness and recreation. The joy of a friend recovering a misplaced Assassin disc adds an extraordinary dimension to disc golf friendships, creating a strong sense of community. Forgetfulness during rule discussions is a shared experience, but the community's support shines through when a friend steps up. These moments contribute to an enriched and positive sporting experience. Moreover, the magical morning sky with the moon adds a captivating touch, fostering a unique connection with the world. What an extraordinary thing to add to your everyday life, and stay healthy always.💪👈

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very beautiful picture of bull