My Actifit Report Card: December 3 2023

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My son and I played disc golf out at the local eighteen-hole course. It was a bit cold and rainy, and Doggie was along with us. We decided not to score the round and were just out having fun.

There was a homeless person out in the middle of the course near one of the baskets. It was towards the end of the round and it was starting to rain when we saw him. We decided not to play the rest of the holes and just walked back across the field. I would not want to be camping under a tree in this kind of weather. It seemed like he was not in his right mind and was gesturing and talking to himself.

In the afternoon my son was playing in a musical. There were a lot of younger dancers and singers who did a really wonderful job. It was a lot of fun to see them.

In the evening, there was a parade outside the restaurant window. It was fun to see parts of that, too.

This time of year there are many holiday things going on.

There was a short sun break at one point during the day. The solar panel produced a bit more power than yesterday at 3.6 kWh.

This evenings holiday parade:

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Rain during cold is very boring and playing during that time seems more boring to me.

it looks like a really fun night out at that place.

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas parade, and you had a good time playing disc golf with your son that's a nice day my friend!😄

Good day sir, how is the family? It's a nice time with you son and Doggie in the golf course. The homeless man, is he going to stay all day under the cold?

I love playing and singing songs too, they give me more Joy inside and outside me 😀🥳🥳💕.

Merry Christmas in advance 🎉🎉🎉. !AFIT

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Nice to know Doggies was out with you and your son. You gotta teach Doggies how to throw some disc, hehe😅

Wow! What a great day! Disc golf, music, and holiday parades all feel so exciting! The spontaneous decision to choose kindness over finishing the rest of the golf course reflects the spirit of compassion. Your son's musical performances and the festive atmosphere of the holiday parade are sure to add to the fun. Enjoying every moment makes the day truly special! Cheers!😊👏

That vehicle looks like it was dressed with a ginger bread house costume, so coool!

The car is very nice and looks very cute I love looking at it

Hopefully your training can be the best.

it looks like it would be a lot of fun.

It's certainly a fun day for you and your son playing golf today but the conditions are not very favorable, it's rainy and cold so you have to end today's game of golf without scoring a point, your son not only has a talent for playing golf but playing musically too, extraordinary

It's nice to hear your sentiments and understand that today was a very happy moment for you first of all you were with your son and the day was very entertaining and the weather was also very good thank you very much for sharing your sentiments with us.

Wow this really amazing show I saw this first time, I requested to upload the photograph of your son with musical instruments anyway beauty @lightsplasher


Hope you enjoy a good game with son,look amazing.