It is time.... Making Police Report.

in Actifit3 months ago

Going to rat them out today.

They have caused my savings account frozen.

The good and the bad of banking system.
If governed well, actually it is quite good; but there's always 2 sides of a coin: something good can be manipulated for evil.

I should have checked the site. Last week I felt my mind was jinxed ever since I lost my metamask.

This is a hard lesson to learn

But this is also something we now know. Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated.

  1. Friendliness like a marketer.
  2. Create trust with the auditor (handler)
  3. Surround with "positivity"
  4. Then execute scam.

Unsuspecting people will fall into the trap quickly

Until Then

Stay healthy, stay curious and learn new things, and stay happy!

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Full story why I am at Fraud department, read the link below.

Full detail of the site. Beware.

Wave Media

So scary! They just created it!

Yes it is. 😔