A beautiful morning walk exploring wonders of nature - My Actifit Report Card: November 29 2023

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Hi my loving Actifiters,

What's up hivers? I hope you are enjoying well. After a busy few days I got a chance to walk again this morning. In fact, to relax the mind, one must connect with nature. In enjoying the wonder of nature, we can get a solution to many problems in our mind and also get the mental relief needed for life. So, during this morning's walk, we were able to see some scenery that beautifies nature.

This short visit was made to a village with the most suitable weather pattern for tea cultivation. Stopped a little on the side of the road and could see a range of mountains connected to each other. Although it is not a mountain located in a large forest, several types of large trees can be seen here. Even when we see places like this that showcase the biodiversity beautifully, our hearts are captivated. Because there are more tea estates, most of the people in this village work in tea estates.

Flowers are another object that increases the beauty of nature. Sunflowers, which shine brightly in the sunlight, color the environment with yellow color. Although they have no smell, they are brighter because of their size.

These natural objects can be used to derive meaning from life. These beautiful objects are being lost to nature every day due to the wrong activities of man. If we do more good things for nature, nature will return and give us good things. Ferns are another beautiful object that symbolizes the biodiversity of nature. There are many varieties of ferns. We can see large and small ferns. During my morning walk I saw some small ferns.

Walking is actually an easy exercise that affects our energy in life. Although not a regular exerciser, I don't hesitate to walk when it's convenient. In addition to getting mental relief through my walks, it is also possible to see the beauty of nature and understand the living conditions of the villagers.

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10k report and sunflower 🌻 photography is so beautiful

Thanks a lot.


Yay! 🤗
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