My Actifit Report Card: February 20 2024 - An Unexpected Evening Full of Surprises

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Life is full of twists and turns and mostly unexpected.

I never would have thought that I would end up spending my evening here.


My Tuesday started out seemingly ordinary, with little toddlers struggling with a 9-piece puzzle.

Can you remember that time?

Probably not, but a 9-piece puzzle is a real challenge at the age of 3.


Under the table, at my feet, a miniature world unfolded with dolls, children's dishes, and an inevitable invitation for a cup of tea - which I, with a smile, promised to accept next time.

Outside, the rain showers had disappeared and the playground was filled with happy children.

The bicycles and tractors were especially popular.

Walking around the playground, I enjoyed the fresh air.

And the hustle and bustle of the kids around me.

The morning passed in a flash and it was soon time for my lunch break.


A moment of peace, I thought.

Until my brother called with an unexpected surprise: two tickets for a theater performance that night! (A gift from his work, the lucky guy)

Without hesitation, I agreed.

Theater, in any form, is my great passion.

From musicals to cabaret, from ballet to singing and music, my broad interest means that I am always open to new experiences.

This evening promised to be a comic one with "The Hill", a comedy rewritten for an all-female cast.

The original text by Peter Quilter had been transformed into an evening full of humor and recognition, especially for women.

That's why I also understood that my brother was happy to give up his ticket to me so that I could enjoy a fun "girls' night out" with my sister-in-law.

So there was also a bit of self-interest involved for my brother.

He would rather watch the Champions league football match on TV tonight. (PSV- Borussia Dortmund)


But first I had to finish my afternoon at school.

I looked proudly at the almost completed outdoor classroom.

The circle where the children will soon be able to sit was already laid out in the still muddy ground.

The plants will hopefully cover the bare ground in the coming weeks and create a sea of green and color.


A game marked the end of the school day, and then the race against time began.

In an hour I had to cook, eat, get changed, pick up my sister-in-law and drive to the theater.

With fits and starts, but satisfied, we arrived on time.


And we were able to enjoy a delicious cappuccino and a chat beforehand.

Then we took our seats in the hall with a perfect view of the stage.


The day that started with toddlers and puzzles ended in a hall full of laughing women enjoying a hilarious women's comedy.

This was really an unexpected evening filled with surprises, an evening that I look back on with great pleasure.

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Wishing you all the best in life and much health.

@meraki7578 💚

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You had a pretty productive day 😃. It's good to hear that you got a pleasant surprise from your brother. However, he also got "alone" time at home 😃.



Wow what a fun day this was! Your school days sound fun. I used to teach preschoolers and enjoyed my time then too. Lovely to have comedy theater to enjoy at the end of a day. Happy midweek!

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