My Actifit Report Card: December 2 2023

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After a really big day of walking the previous day, you might have expected a small total, but i knew I couldn't sleep in otherwise my body would be too sore. So I got up for am early morning walk. It was a cold morning with lots of frost about.

I could even see Mt Fuji as the air was crisp and clean.

I decided to use the time to walk past the US airfprce base. The road nearby is famous in Japan for catering to all the American soldiers. The first shot is of the entrance gate.
the next few photos are some of the American themed shops nearby, where local japanese come to aswell as a tourist destination.

After my walk the rest of the day was really just shopping, I decided to give shoping a break for a while and walk down to the river near the shopping centre.
still ended up with an impressive 40k steps
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Daily Activity
168.5 cm
73.5 kg
Body Fat


The country is my dream place.

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40,000 steps! You really walked a lot, didn't you?
Did you not get "too sore to sleep" as you mentioned in your blog post?
I hope you had a good night's sleep.
I am so glad that you captured and beautifully described Japan so beautifully.
And I am glad too that you are able to enjoy the sunny, clear air.
Japan has turned cold all at once in the past few days and has entered winter at bullet train speed.
Please stay warm.


Such a beautiful day in Japan.