Taking Passengers To Mountain Tourist Areas My Actifit Report Card: December 3 2023

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In the Sunday, I don't have a day off from work. there was a group who asked me to take them on a trip to the mountain area.

The popular highland area here is the Berastagi Area. In this area we can see Mount Sinabung. A volcano that is still active.

Around Mount Sinabung there are many tourist areas that we can visit. So in one trip we can visit many areas at once.

First Stop

The passengers in my car asked me to take them to a tourist spot in the Gundaling area, called the Glass Bridge (Jembatan Kaca in Indonesian).

As the name suggests, this place offers a glass bridge with a direct view of the mountain. Visitors can enjoy the view of Mount Sinabung. If it's a sunny day, the view there will be very beautiful.

My passengers were a group of mothers. They are a group in a company. They took photos wearing special clothes.

There are also many photographers available at affordable prices in this place so we can take photos there.

Those groups are my passengers. They looked happy and I felt happy to be able to take them to this place.

Second Stop

The journey continues. I took them to visit the next tourist destination.

We stopped at the cafe area right in front of Mount Sinabung. There are many cafes available.

I also ordered a cup of hot coffee to keep me from feeling sleepy and stay energized.

I enjoyed the view of Mount Sinabung. While waiting for my passengers, I took a walk around the beautiful Mount Sinabung.

My work doesn't feel tiring even though I have to drive tens of kilometers to carry my passengers.

I have to drive 80-100 km to travel to these various tourist areas. Even though I'm tired, the bonus is that I can feel refreshed at the same time with this view. I feel very grateful.

Another Stop

My passengers invited me to stop at several other cafes that were popular nearby.

I ordered more tea. Also traditional snacks made from glutinous rice with brown sugar.

I arrived at my house in the evening. The trip went smoothly and I took my passengers to their respective homes.

This is where my journey as a travel car driver ends. I'm SOBAT KELANA.
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