Night Walking At City Park (My Actifit Report Card: February 19 2024)

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The city park in the area where I live is quite popular for night walking. People here work until 6-7 at night on average. So after that people will spend a little time with their families before going to bed.

There are many families who bring small children to this city park. The fountain with colorful lights is the main attraction here.

I came here with my mother, my younger sister, and my sister's son. They invited me here. Like their favorite place here.

Around the park there are also many coffee, tea and other street food sellers.

Take a walk around the interesting fountain. Just enough for me to relax.

Here there is also a path filled with small stones which is specifically for a kind of relaxing therapy.

Have you ever walked on a rocky path like this? At first it will really hurt. Over time you will get used to it.

Meanwhile my nephew is very active. He can walk now. He is two years old and he likes to follow me.

He even followed me on the rocky path. He looks really enjoying himself as if he doesn't feel a burden.

Of course he also likes being near the fountain. But he didn't dare to go any further.

Some of the children there even bathed among the fountains. But it is not recommended for children who have sensitive skin. So please be careful.

The children were seen cheering especially when the lights changed color as well as the rhythm of the water jets.

It's best not to come here on weekends because it will be crowded.

Meanwhile, this city park has lots of green plants. Also the stone monument which has a fountain (but not lit this time) may only be lit on weekends.

Night Walking this time felt impressive especially because I walked for quite a long time in a rocky area. It was an accomplishment because I survived! Meanwhile my little sister had difficulty walking this path.

Meanwhile my mother just sat on a park bench because my mother still had a leg injury. So my mother just enjoyed the air around her. Actually, tonight's activity was my mother's idea. My mother said she was bored at home and wanted to find a lively atmosphere.

City parks are a favorite and in particular have no special fees and are free to anyone. When I come here, my mother always brings food from home to save money.

Before coming here, it's best to check the weather forecast. It's not very funny when you come here and suddenly it rains. Stay safe, Hivers.

I am Sobat Kelana, and Thanks for reading my post.

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