Visiting a friend in Strandzha village

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My husband @outlinez and I were visiting a friend of ours who has a house deep in the Strandzha mountain - in the village of Byala voda.

The house that our friend has is in the old Bulgarian style, with the typical traditional Strandzha architecture. The house is very interesting, cozy and although it has preserved its authenticity, it has all modern conveniences.

The antiques our friend has kept are wonderful. It is interesting to walk through the rooms and discover these antiques that make you go back in time and kindle even more the love for the past and the history of the Bulgarian people.

While we were visiting, we happily helped plant garlic.

We had breakfast with a typical Bulgarian breakfast - mekitsi, served in traditional dishes on the old veranda.

Our friend has two great Basenji dogs who were with us the whole time and were very nice and obedient.

Soon I will walk you around the village together with the two dogs Yasha and Karaman.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Yummy breakfast! This house looks like a museum.

I was just thinking the same thing. I love the old artifacts, they give the home a sense of charm and character.

The house has a unique feel!


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What an interesting rustic yet city hone your friend has!

A very interesting home 👍


It's a good thing you visited and also helped your friend in planting garlic, I hope it germinate in a very healthy way.

And I hope there will be wonderful garlic in the garden in the spring 👍🙂