#WednesdayWalk - On Course Again!

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I will have to admit, after a long golfless winter and a late starting spring due to lockdown, we are really leaning into golf this year. This is already our third round after an hour at the driving range and it is a beautiful one!

Wednesday was the yearly chamber of commerce golf tournament for the second year under COVID protocols. Under normal circumstances, there would be a networking event and gala afterward but this year, it was golf, go home, send your card in digitally, and watch the Facebook live event with the prizes.

If you jumped right to our score, your eyes may have shot wide open when you see the 6 under par score! Never in my lifetime will I shoot a 6 under par on any course on the planet so put that out of your mind.

It was a best ball tourney so there were plenty of bad shots to go around. Despite many beers, we came away with the victory by 2 strokes!

This is only for informal bragging rights and accusations of performance enhancing drugs so no big deal.

Just trying to represent the golf champions on the blockchain as @davedickeyyall has been towing the rope too long with his disc golf domination.

Wrapping up over 8k steps, I celebrated with a new beer which may or not be featured on this week’s #beersaturday.

Cheers to our friend @tattoodjay who I am trying to convince to visit the driving range as there are few better walking sports than golf.

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I am honoured to curate for:


What's better than GOLF for Wednesday Walkin'?


I didn’t make it to the driving range this week it’s been a crazy week but maybe sometime I will

Even fir a best ball tournament a 6 under par is pretty damn good isn’t it

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Yah man! Good enough to win the tourney by 2 strokes!

It was hot as hell but there were beers to drink and steps to be had so it was an awesome day.

!BEER and steps sounds good to me

Hey @zekepickleman, here is a little bit of BEER from @tattoodjay for you. Enjoy it!

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Lovely day you have spend and i think 8k is not enough to represent your day. I would have been 15k. No matter. Well wish for you and keep actifiting.


We golf with a cart otherwise it would be 20k! Actually, I run actifit on my phone and I am convinced it doesn't count as many steps as I actually take. No matter though as it is a nice easy front end to the blockchain and a great community.

Ya. I also love actifit

-6 is a pretty awesome even playing best ball

Hey @zekepickleman, here is a little bit of BEER from @rynow for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.