I’m Dripping 🎨 ...

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I woke up one morning and felt like pouring paint all over myself, so I did.


I love this set! It just hits different for me.

I started the session on Bigo. Bigo is a live streaming app that I earn part of my monthly income using. I live stream art, yoga, flow arts practice, and just daily life stuff like cooking & cleaning. It’s totally a SFW site but it’s a good time. My Bigo ID is PolyAnnie.

So I started the session on Bigo... I mixed water with my almost empty paints, so they would drippp...I wanted to incorporate my body into that process. Here’s a little video of that part.

Then after a short break I resumed live on Chaturbate so I could get naked and masturbate should I feel inspired. And of course I did! I ended up using the Domi by Lovense and squirted on one of my paintings.

My Chaturbate room:

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I often create art where I am part of the art. Almost all my art has an element of “me” in it. I just can’t help it honestly. I am a part of my art, my physicality is always a part of it.

Creating in this way that incorporates my body always turns me on. So the sexuality is somehow connected to the creativity for me. I usually create alone. The couple times I’ve created with others... it’s been mixed results depending on the person(s) present.

It was everything I hoped it would be! I cut it a little short because having acrylic paint all over your body is probably terrible for you & it was def present in my thoughts during this... especially as it was drying on my face. Lol.


I released the photos & videos from this set on OnlyFans and also through an unlockable content NFT on Rarible.

Here’s some of my favorites:





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The cool thing about buying an nft is that you can unlock the content and the resell the nft, giving the next buyer access to the content, making your value back & I earn a cut for being the creator! Win, win, win!

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