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The Airhawk-Index is 100% backed by the tokens it represents its a cross chain token built on the hive blockchain and Multi-chains with previous versions built on bitshares blockchain and the steem-engine chain it will lively expand to other chains like polygon and Near Blockchain in due time. Airhawk index holds a varieties of hive engine tokens and other crypto currency off the blockchain in its index.

We have a team that regularly review all the top performing tokens with relative stable volume within Hive-Engine and the Crypto currency market as asset with mining features of select top tokens to represent the Porfolio index. This is done based on volume averages over the history of each token for a set time, the index also holds cryptocurrencies outside the hive blockchain ecosystem which will be making public in future Updates. Most of the index are second layer hive engine token

For every AIRHAWK token been sold a corresponding mining token is being bought and staked to increase the mining rate of the index , as weight is been given to the individual tokens it represented depending on the amount invested, and , That means if 1000 AIRHAWK is sold it will be used to purchase another hive engine , eg 1 Hive token will purchase 172.414 AIRHAWK tokens base on current rate as price is subjected to volatility of the assests based on market participant , which when ever the order matches the allocated tokens for development of the index the hive realized is been used to buy a corresponding miner asset for mining example the 1 hive realized will be used to buy 76.92 POB which is the staked to increase the mining rate.


The token is also a governance token for influencing the operational dynamics of the airhawk ecosystem as tokens holders are the major benefactor of the ecosystem and governance system of the project.

Token Economic

Airhawk token was Airdrop few years ago while it was still trading on steem-engine and the bitshares dex, approximately 500k token was airdropped to traders of @airhawk-exchange p2p groups on instant messenger and contest which counted among the circulation volume. Ten percent of the total volume is allocated for setting up and running of the project while the remaining ninety percent will be mine over time, 1 million of the token allocated for development hasn't been minted yet as the already minted 2 million token has not been fully sold yet, until its exhausted we are not minting new tokens.

Max Supply36,500,000
Circulating Supply2,027,202.269
Total Staked1,272,838.044


Hive Engine tokens in INDEXAirhawk-exchangeAirhawk-project
TokenCurrent stake/ HoldingsCurrent stake/Holdings
Hive Power20.339162.295
Creative Coin CCC33180

The Private/ Public Sale

This project is totally bootstrap. we wont get more into the bootstrap nature of our project as its has metamorphose from various stages since 2018, just know that we started this on an idea and a dream. Nothing more. Over the past years we have put up whatever money we realized back to the project.

The Private and Public Sales is for us to raise a bit of capital to get much further in this project target. Our team is passionate about onboarding and encouraging new users on hive and the cryptocurrency ecosystem at large and are all on same page with development and rebranding the project. We would want to move quicklyim to have the project running stake holders to actually benefit from ( not limited to tr
Private token Sales price was 0.006 Airhawk/hive and Public Sales will of the was 0.0066 will be offered the market and P2p.

We are handling the selling manually. Coins transferred to @airhawk-project accounts will be Manuelly be transferred to the buyer of the tokens on Hive Engine as Powered up tokens which its powerdown vesting period is 30days for complete powerdown.

The total amount of tokens that was allocated for development and running the project is 3.65 million which also includes Airdrop token, which the maximum allocated token for development when sold of might probably be it's the lowest price one might get this tokens, whhile the rest of the tokens which is 90% of the supply will be mined through regular blockchain activities using hive blockchain ie content creation , mining and curation.


How to get in on the Sale.

To get airhawk token during the Private sale all you have to do is send Hive to @airhawk-project with a memo of the wallet address you want to receive the token". we will process and drop the tokens in the order they come in. Anyone that has sent coin after the token are exhausted out will be refunded. Total coin available is 1m .(We reserve the right to stop the sale at any time and tokens bought via this means will be sent as staked tokens not liquid tokens).

How to profit from Airhawk

Yield Farming: You can delegate Hive Power and selected hive- engine tokens to earn AIRHAWK on weekly bases, the yield rate is stipulated at 0.00521 AIRHAWK perday for every 1 Hive Power delegated to @airhawk-project which will be paid out on weekly bases from tokens bought from buy back.
As the volume of the mined tokens increases overtime, each Airhawk token will be volatile in value subjected various to market conditions and mining reward per blocks which can be viewed on hive engine explorer.

|25HP| |50HP| |75HP| |100HP| |200HP| |500HP| |1000HP| |5000HP|

Curation: Airhawk-project understands on the Hive Social platform the rules attached to curation by a community and will also fault author who regulary break the rules.

Through curation rewards one can also Mine airhawk by following ,following our curation trail on Hive.Vote which is one the top performing Curation trails on the blockchain at number 8 trail with over 1271 followers, Who are currently mining the token when they curate authors base on the upvote share rate which is propostional to volume of coin staked.
Authors found abusing the hive blockchain Content rules will be muted and removed from our curation list, even when they have staked coins.

Airhawk power (Staked)Upvote Shares/ Day
1500075% Max

Curation is once per day.

Upvote shares may be adjusted depending on community delegation and resolution.

Buy Backs

We will continuing to host liquidity from all our earnings from both the @airhawk-exchange @airhawk and @airhawk-project accounts funds as buybacks providing liquidity. While we will be trading our allocated tokens for development along side other traders in the market, we are currently buying every token below 0.006 HIVE and selling our development funds above 0.006+ so we can hit our soft cap.

Mining / Staking / Power up

Powered up tokens are subjected to 30 days total powerdown with a daily payout of 1 of 30 total staked coin

Revenues Distribution

Payouts are as follows:

  • 60% of all rewards mined from the ecosystems are sold to swap.Hive are paid to Airhawk holders through liquidity provision via Market marking for price stability and liquidity as every market needs a mark marker to provide liquidity as it wont matter the quantity of total tokens one is holding to partake in it. Distributiion of mining rewards which will mainly be paid back in AIRHAWK at the moment is as follows:

  • 25% is used to purchase mining tokens represented in the Airhawk Index, after all allocated tokens have been exhausted.

  • 15% is used for operational cost server hosting and leasing.

  • Buy backs will will be done simultaneously with trading activites with the help of market maker bots automatically set up on our trading account.



Contact Us on


Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp Channel



Disclaimer: make adequate research before investing money or crypto currencies you can't afford to lose, as cryptocurrencies assesg are highly volatileso so always do your research about the assest class you are investing in the crypto market.


I just discovered the project, very interesting. I've already staked some coins and I hope everything goes well for everyone! A hug.

nice been accumulating some tokens will get more now that i understand how the upvote works

intesting lets see how it goes already have some stakes will likely increase my holding

after the long wait i haven't been receiving payout for delegation please do the needful

So no freebies again already goy a huge bag seeing this update its to increase my stake seeing more than 50% of the circulating volume staked



was thinking i would be able to fill my bags before we get sny update

Waoh, the tokenomics of Airhawk is amazing, it's time for me to fill my bags

its about time, have my bags already been enjoying the their service, nothing was mentioned about @airhawk-exchnage does the token not have any use case there

This is beautiful initiative... Let's see what the project looks like in the nearest future. I am surely buying into this. Good luck to us.

this is nice been holding for a while now, just receiving upvote, now i understand why the voting percentage was reduce i guess i need to fill my bags to get maximum upvote

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Let Rising together.

I joined the project today, I have a stake. I'm also following the channels according to the Quest for Prizes post and I intend to earn some more tokens with this!


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This is amazing. Let's see how it goes