My first music festival was a banger

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We purchased tickets for Provinssi festival in Seinäjoki, Finland, already for 2021 but that got canceled because of covid bullshit. We held onto our tickets though for 2022 when it finally happened. Unfortunately one of my favorite bands got left out because of it, but overall there were so many good names that the festival ticket was good bang for the buck. For a lot of people the festival seemed to be an occurrence to drink, but for me the attraction was music I enjoy.

Some of the best picks from the festival.



Only picture from Korn's gig where you can see Jonathan Davis' signatute mic stand. I generally like to focus on the experience itself instead of documenting it.

Korn was an absolute banger. They started the gig full force with Here to Stay that has some of the chunkiest low-tune riffs in their discography. There was a moshpit probably since the first song that I couldn't resist joining. At the same time it was my first mosh pit experience – 10/10 would recommend.

I don't think the records do justice on just how good Jonathan Davis is live. He has a personal and versatile voice, and he's incredibly consistent. Live singing does better justice for his abilities than records. He also pulled out the bagpipes for the intro of Shoots and Ladders – fucking epic.


Stamn1na is a Finnish metal band who also sing in Finnish. Their music is often aggressive and their live performance is raw power and they were incredibly tight. Great musicians, and great liveshow. Would've joined the moshpit had it not been right after Korn where I already gave it all in hot weather.


Originally Aurora and Opeth – both artists whom I wanted to see – were performing at the same time, but by coincidence Opeth was late on their schedule so their show got shifted later. So I, and @rrusina, got to see them both like intended. The luckiest accident that could've happen for us.

Aurora is a norwegian singer and song writer. She is simply great singer with highly influential and hypnotic voice, on the records and even more so live. She is very present while performing and the whole audience was highly involved.


Vesala was originally one of the singers in a famous Finnish popgroup PMMP and since that has started her own solo career. Pop music isn't my main dish, but she does it quite well and her songs are catchy and her lyrics do have some thought behind them. She's a great singer and she got the audience well involved into the show. What I like about her is that she isn't afraid to experiment with different styles like in her recent album. I was glad she performed Pulkka live which has some industrial metal and guttural vocal influence in it. Respect to artists who are not afraid to try something that might not appeal to mainstream.


Deftones was fucking rad! Once again mosh pit emerged and I joined in. The audience loved it, and Chino (the vocalist) clearly enjoyed that the audience was so hyped about them. I don't know the whole discography of Deftones like some of my other favorites, but they delivered the gig with emotion, so I couldn't but vibe 100% with it.


Opeth is a Swedish progressive metal band with death metal influence especially in the early discography. Technically highly capable group who easily pull off the complicated and long songs live. It was an enjoyment to witness it live.


That’s awesome. I was able to see Korn a few months back and it was pretty good

Nice! I checked and the last time before this year they were in Finland was 2014, so there was definitely some hype built up, I feel, after such a long time.

Love how they going on a circle lol

The whole thing looks super fun!

Yeah, circle pits are fun, you can let loose! :D

Going through the list of musicians present...i kept saying i have no idea who these musicians are until i saw Aurora and i said yes finally..But this looked so great and Sta1ma seems to be loved

Stam1na is definitely top tier Finnish-singing metal band, highly skilled and entertaining high energy live show.

What a killer lineup! Really lucky about the Aurora/Opeth thing, I honestly don't know who I would've picked.

What a killer lineup!

Had Gojira been there like it was supposed to in 2021... it would've been uber-banger of a lineup.

Really lucky about the Aurora/Opeth thing, I honestly don't know who I would've picked.

Opeth would've barely won for me, @rrusina had problems to decide, but would've chosen Aurora in the end. Luckily we got to see them both together :)

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