Scorpions - Wind Of Change ( Solo Cover and Review About This Song )

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This song is one of my favorite by "Scorpions". really love this band. Hope you enjoy !
Guitar Solo Cover: @discouragedones ( Alireza Hatami ) \m/

"Wind Of Change" is one of the most famous and popular songs of the Scorpions rock band. T
this beautiful and memorable song owes part of its fame to the first whistle of the song, which has a beautiful melody and has been an inspiration to many other singers.

"Wind Of Change" was called on the occasion of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of East and West Germany and the changes that took place in this country. this classic rock music was released in 1990 with the album "Crazy World"


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The most influential songs of this band in 1984 were Rock You Like A Hurricane, which was able to increase the fame of the band a hundredfold.
seven years later, in 1991, the song Wind Of Change reached its peak of indescribable fame, and even their Japanese fans were looking to listen to their music and style, and head to Panmi to reach the Scorpions' albums. they recognized. The song Wind Of Change alone managed to sell 14 million copies and registered its place in the list of best-selling songs in the history of music in the world, and the name of the group SCORPIONS will forever be remembered in its historical list.


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The song "Wind Of Change" on the album "Crazy world", which is the 11th song of this band has been recorded in the studio. also the original text was written by the main singer of Klaus Meine. shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the song reached the WORLD HIT and became the fourth best song of its time in the United States, as well as the second in the United Kingdom. also as of September 2018, the music video for "Wind of Change" has been viewed 610 million times by users on YouTube, showing that it is a great record for being seen globally by SCORPIONS. this band is the first rock and metal band on the Internet that has been able to attract more than 100 million users in cyberspace.


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Great solo, great song. You should have done the whistling solo too! 😁

Thank's my friend for your attention! glad you liked it \m/

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