"303 Day" ~ Live Modular Synth Performance only on 3Speak

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EDIT: 3Speak is down so I am hosting a copy of this performance on the Youtube:

Join me for what was supposed to be an improvisational acid set celebrating the ubiquitous Roland TB-303 but, of course, turned into the soundtrack for some sort of side-scrolling platformer town level. Not a shopping level either, this is definitely a town where you are mostly still battling stuff but occasionally meeting townsfolk in their huts. Zelda II-esque. You get the idea.

The TB-303 is an extremely "squelchy" for lack of a better descriptor, sounding single oscillator monosynth and is at least partially responsible for both this "techno" genre you might have heard of and fully responsible for one of the most disgustingly great cyborg basslines of all time (RIP):

So yeah, I tried. It's surprisingly difficult to replicate the resonance of the 303 filter without something purpose built for the task, though I was surprised to find my usually quite tame and lush Synthesis Technology E440 was the best of my collection for mimic'ing the Q of the 303 resonance. To be fair, I have a behringer 303 clone I could have and should have used but I was feeling up for a challenge and was pretty happy with the -extremely- thin, -extremely- mono oscillator sounding bass patch I landed on. Take it for a spin exclusively on 3Speak.

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Hiya, yeah man that bassline is epic. The video doesn't work though :(
On a different note, it's the 13th <3
Episode 10
Saturday 13th of March 2021
UTC 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

I think 3speak is getting DDoS'd by an ex-developer. Never a dull moment on the blockchain! Thanks for the heads up though, I went ahead and begrudgingly put it on youtube. Looking forward to the show!