"anomaly_detected" - Live Modular Performance for New York Modular Society -3Speak Exclusive-

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I'm excited to share with my Hive music crew an eleven minute excerpt from a set I did a few days ago with the New York Modular Society during their ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION monthly Twitch show. I had an absolute blast and it was great to perform to a new audience of total modular synth heads ... and their efforts to organize and "direct" the show, seamlessly cutting between acts and having some actual behind the scenes production and organization, made the whole thing much less stressful on my end. Most of the time I find the entire world of complexities and points of failure on the streaming side of things to be a major distraction from improvising actually listenable music, but this time I think most of the pieces fell into place nicely. Turns out if you keep hammering on aforementioned points of failure, eventually all the weak links in your HDMI chain die a painful death and are replaced, not unlike the trial by fire of the daily operations of a recording studio.

This patch came together only a few hours before my set ... I'm adding a second ACL Sinfonion to the rig which effectively adds four more full channels of prepatched, quantized, ready-for-improvisation capacity to my system but comes at a significant rewiring/reorganizational cost to accommodate. As usual I budgeted four days before the set and needed about seven, so this actually has none of my "standard" patch ... going so far as to clock my master off a channel of Maths and let'n er rip at 180 bpm because well, that's where it felt right. I'm doing a bunch of aux-send like submixes to create reverberous caverns to open and close the patch with ... and a good bit of the gurgling space sounds are coming from "strumming" the Rings modulator with the usually harsh and clangy Basimilus Iteritas. My snare patch here is also an interesting two part layer of SSF Percussion and Plonk ... when I'm finally ready to tame the beast I'm able to dial back the SSF noise top end and let the Plonk tom sound come forward for a major timbre shift that would be hard to achieve in real time on a single module. This is why the only logical conclusion is to own every single possible percussion module.

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WOW am in love mate

Thanks fren!

Nice music

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Brilliant, can I have a go?