Can't stop, won't stop accidentally ripping Neverending Story's sound design, Live Improv.

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One of my recent videos earned a Neverending Story callback in the comments and since then I have been unable to not see my sparkly grey UDO Super 6 as anything but an Artax drowning, Limosine ridin', Falkor flyin' son of a gun. It's basically impossible to make it sound bad. I have an issue with the way it interfaces with the Hermod, causing a midi feedback loop and dropping voices + other unpredictable behavior and even that sounds good. The only downside is this thing is doing nothing to suppress my already longstanding propensity for Oneohtrix Point Never Juno 60 sounds which, till now, I have thankfully had pretty minimal access to (easy recommendation for those on a budget but lookin for the best Juno emulation at any price: TAL-U-NO-LX.)

Where was I? OPN. My roommate semi cold called in the video for Boring Angel about a decade ago and as is usual for me, I treated it more as a curiosity than an artist I'd come to really appreciate on the long haul. Recently score Good Time and Uncut Gems for the Safdie brothers and both are fucking excellent.

This video is from the last session before my projector died. RIP projector. Onward to ridiculous chroma hijinx ... I'll be streaming some modular composition and video synthesis in a few hours on Twitch, so stop by and get weird.

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Hahahaha, love the Boring Angel recording.... well, maybe not so much the music, but the combo between the music and the video. Emoji can be used for anything! What did they know when they emerged and at the beginning had to compete with their textual ancestors. They came from far, for sure. Featuring in a music 'movie' is certainly a setup towards the studios in Hollywood :)

NJOY your Twitch session! Or that's history by now?

New session today! Trying to write onstream as much as humanly possible.

I always say: Lots of extra time to be taken, just sleep less hours, and spend less time eating {LOL}