Welcome to HIVE @estebanm ! It's really cool that you made it! There are lots of helpful folks around here. Don't be afraid to ask anything at all.

There are also very talented musicians in the @music-community. Reach out, connect and hopefully make some music together :)

Bienvenido a hive amigo un gran saludo

Hola Isbel!

Muchas gracias hermano. Acá comenzando a entender esta plataforma. Recomendaciones y guía serán bienvenidas.

Welcome to Hive! I love your song. I may not understand the lyrics, but I feel the power.

Thanks to @recording-box for bringing you here. I know @lordbutterfly is looking for new musicians on Hive. Please tell others about this platform.


Thank you so much Steevc! I also sing in English, but I decided to this song first. I'll promise to sing something you will understand next time 😀.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

I can be more into the sound of a voice than the actual words, so the language does not matter so much. I write a few songs, but they tend to be aiming for humour.


Muito legal, seja bem vindo Hive!

You are an excellent musician and here you will find many talented people.

I am a Rapper from Brazil, I am very happy with your catch!

Let's be friends?

Follow my blog and I'll follow you back to keep in touch

Or what to specify, can you call me!

obrigado irmão!

It would be awesome to see your stuff. Please tag me so I know where to look. I'm still learning how to use PeakD.

With the weekly event of the Hive Open Mic, every week a different presentation, with a suggested topic for the community. You are going to love! Seja bem vindo novamente, I'm already following you.


Cool bro, I really enjoy this appearance

Está genial esa entrada hermano!!. Recibe una calurosa bienvenida!!!. 😎💪🏻 @estebanm

Muchas gracias hermano! Me siento muy bien recibido en esta primera publicación. Les agradezco en el alma!

That's such a cool way to introduce yourself on hive. Welcome to the community @estebanm! I am @macchiata from @lovesniper wishing you a great experience on Hive. We hope to see your English songs cover soon :)

Thank you so much @macchiata! Yeah, I got some help from friendly Hiveans in Guatemala City. @alex-rourke and @buttcoins are building a Hive community here, it's really great. I recorded this at @recording-box Which is a recording studio on HIVE and accepts the currency of HIVE and I believe Bitcoin too.

And yes, I have English songs too! I will share them soon!

Thank you for the support🙏

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Oh cool! thanks so much!

Keep aiming higher @estebanm, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

Hey friend you played so well
You're welcome to the blogchain, I love how you played the guitar 🎸, that's something I always admire

Thank you my friend! yes, I play bass and vocals with my band A Crone's Orchard and guitar in my solo project. I hope to participate in more music projects here. If you are aware of any, please let me know. I still don't know all the music communities :)

Yes friend we have the hive open mic community and I'm sure you will be welcome there, we also have the music zone and the sound music community, they all are great communities

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Esteban, esta muy buena tu cancion. Imagino que hablas español. Donde puedo escuchar mas de tu musica?

Gracias hermano, sí, también hablo español. Puedes encontrar el material de mi banda A Crone's Orchard y también mi proyecto como solista en Spotify.

Muy buena tu cancion. Gracias por compartilo en hive. Saludos desde Argentina

uuuuuuh Muchas gracias che! abrazo grande! 🙌

 3 months ago  

Welcome to your good niche where you can feel like a fish in the water, I wish that you fulfill your purpose within this platform and that you transcend in coffee one of your musical creations.
You have a very nice voice
Greetings @estebanm

Wow! I'm impressed by such warm welcome. Thank you and everybody for coming out to greet me, this is awesome!

Bienvenido amigo, me encanta ver nuevos músicos, en especial guitarristas por aquí. Suerte!

Gracias Tomas!

En mi proyecto solista me enfoco en guitarra y con A Crone's Orchard también toco bajo 🤘. Hay más comunidades de guitarristas?