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Good afternoon friends #hive, I have appeared here again. Today I want to share with you this video, which has filled me with nostalgia but at the same time with great happiness.

We all know what the situation in Venezuela is in many ways, and I think we have all had an absent family member at some Christmas time. At the end of last year I participated in a project with great musician friends and we played at the end of the year in one of the largest shopping centers in the city where I live.

And personally this was one of the songs that I liked the most in the repertoire and without a doubt the one that made all the spectators of the place cry; The reason why this song causes such an impact on the Venezuelan public is because it clearly describes the feeling of an immigrant not being surrounded by his family and loved ones in this very important and emotional time.

The song is basically based on a conversation between two brothers who are separated, of which one of them is far from his family.

It should be noted that this song came to be a prediction of what the exodus of Venezuelan immigrants would be, and I say it since it was released in 2008 on the album "Todo a Belen"

Here I will leave you the original song, so that you enjoy and if possible make you aware of how important it is to have our family members with us.


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