For those rainy days

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When I'm not drowning in my business responsibilities I love to compose using Modular Synthesis ❤️

Here's one of those electronic ambient compositions, I made it for rainy day moods and It's called Square Wave Pulses because a pulse from a square wave is the clock of the song

:) Please enjoy:

The process of musical creation in modular synthesis is a bit hard to explain, not because the magic that evolves music, but because it's a mixture of electronic physics and music theories. Even so, I've notice that composing in modular system may be much faster than writing all the notes and expressions on a paper with sheet music, or making it directly to the DAW

I mean, since I learned to make music with modular synth, composing has never been so mind-blowing, fast, funny and efficient. It's like building this patch a few weeks ago, on the software VCV rack 2, took me about 3 hours. The next day I made just two live takes until I got the final recording.
The same song made with different tools could have taken me at least one full week...

That is possible because in modular systems, all the music comes from programmed electric signals that starts to flow as the device is plugged, and they will flow just as I programmed them. because of that, the music will be forever played by the system, with a touch of my hand.

The mix and master process in this case it's done while I design and play the song so I just need to spend time and mental effort to program the patch, once it's done, just hit record and let it playback alone, also I can play it myself for more fun hahaha

That's what I do almost on every jam or composition I make using only modular synthesis, build the sounds, program some modulations and play them live while recording the screen and audio. This is just my way of doing just this, I hope you find this useful :)

I would like to inspire musicians to create with this tools, it's not that easy as I describe but it's not that hard as it seems either, Hopefully the modular world will grow so there's a future full of weird noises ahead :)

Hey @jotadiaz12 , it's been a while!!

I have one of your tracks in my bookmarks so sometimes I listen to it while working around. This one will be saved too 😎

Indeed, so rainy, ambient mood of this composition. I really like it 👌

I have one of your tracks in my bookmarks so sometimes I listen to it while working around. This one will be saved too 😎

It's always great to read you🙌, makes wanna share more, and I will. :)

it's been a while!!

Yeah I'm a bit offline but never lost! a lot of thanks for your patience🙏

You are welcome 😇

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This is stunning! Wish I came across it before😀 I’ve also bookmarked it.