I forgot to save the song and this recording is the only thing I have left [ENG-ESP]

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un accidente técnico, improvise un patch ambient, lo grabe por si acaso pero olvide guardar el archivo del patch, aun así me gusta la grabación con todo y eso jejeje

Esta vez toque yo solo usando mi laptop con VCV rack y mis audífonos, construir el patch me tomo al menos 2 horas antes de grabar 16 minutos de ensayo

Para los que se preguntan que es todo eso que se ven el video

El video es una grabación de pantalla del software que uso para crear sonidos, se graba audio y video automáticamente mientras voy construyendo el pacth, no es la mejor calidad pero por ahora a mi me sirve.

El software se llama VCV rack (https://vcvrack.com/) y es un sintetizador modular, los que me conocen saben que uso síntesis modular desde hace un tiempo y también saben que les debo un par de videos explicatorios, no se preocupen, en YouTube hay bastante contenido y yo he pasado los últimos meses creando, aprendiendo y ensayando la mejor forma de comunicar estas ideas de forma educativa.

Por ahora, solo les presento mis experimentos así que por favor disfruten los tres minutos de calma del video jjejeej :)
Para los que quieren saber mas de síntesis modular:

technical problems, I improvised an ambient patch, I recorded it just in case but I forgot to save the patch file, still like the recording with all his flaws hehehe

This time I performed using my laptop with VCV rack and my headphones, building the patch took me at least 2 hours before recording the 16 minutes rehearsal take

For those who wonder what is all that we see on the video

The video is a screen capture of the software I use to create sounds, audio and video are recorded while I build the patch, it's not the best quality but it works for me by now.

the software it's called VCV rack (https://vcvrack.com/) and it's a modular synthesizer, those who know me may remember that I've been using modular synthesis for a while and may also remember that I owe you a couple of explanatory videos, don't worry, there's plenty of content on YouTube and I've spent the last few months creating, learning and rehearsing the best way to communicate these ideas in an educational way.

By now, I only show my experiments so please enjoy roughly 3 minutes of calm on the video hahaha :)
For those who want to know more about modular synthesis

Well, it is then just the moment you had and also, you have this recording which is just cool how it is! 🙌

ohh yes, it's just modular patching teaching us to seize the moment 😄


saludos 👋🎶

to be fair i wouldn't try to finish it. thats the beauty of live music. its the unique moment of interaction between you, machine and listeners. think about it. this moment will never come back again in any place of our universe. each click, each touch of knob, each filter. yeah mate. thats unique. and now it has its history as well.

that's so real, it will never come back, actually, in hardware there's no save button, so it's not that bad hahahah

Thanks for your words :)

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thaaaaaankssss!! 😃

Best of luck 🤞 on the finished song again 😊

thanks bro :)

Np bro keep it real !!