"I'm just delayed" Guitar + Modular Synth ambient Jamming

in Music2 years ago (edited)

Something I like to do a lot is plug my guitar into the modular synth, Actually I made a similar experiment but I think the video was too short so I'm sharing this more extensive recording of another experiment, plus an eight hours looped version (only audio) 😄

Here you can download an eight hours mp3 version if you like :)

For those who are guitar players and wonders what's going on there; imagine the modular synth like a super pedalboard but the signal flow is not lineal and you can patch pedals to interact with anything in the pedalboard.
That's the best example I could give hahaha, if you wanna try, here's what I did:

First I plugged my guitar to one input of my audio interface to get the dry signal into the modular, I'm using the Modular Software VCV Rack.

Screenshot (7).png

I made a couple of parallel delay signals with filters and modulations for each signal, The whole thing is made of three (3) wet delay signals plus dry guitar signal. In order to make a huge swingy eco effect, each one has different time delay, filter positions and modulations.

All this makes a feeling of being surrounded by tiny drops of water, falling from every note I play.

The repetition time of the delays is given by LFOs (low frequency oscillator) at that time I though it would be fine to use LFO for clocking the delay time but now I realize it was an unnecessary complication because the same can be done with just the time knob of the delay itself without having to connect an external module. anyways, shit happens hahaha🤣

There's many ways of doing things with modular synthesis, also there's a lot of science and technical stuff to know, but, in the end, it's all for the sake of feelings, sensations, experiences and inspiration, so don't forget to plug that too 😉😁

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