Roughly 8 minutes of groove under 11 minutes of atmosphere

in Music2 years ago
Starts at 5:00, before that, is just random atmosphere sounds hahaha

Well, let's say "random" because its never truly chaos, I just told the machine to go wherever it wants but under my conditions hahaha

Here's another one of my jamming using VCV rack 2. Modular synthesis is often used for long atmospherics passages, sometimes we employ auto-generative elements for making "ambient" sounds, I mean, some modules allows me to create sequences of notes, rhythms, modulations, etc. So I can tell them to always change over time and they will be auto generating forever.

In this case, I just created a few melodic and rhythmic sequences and mixed/modulate them with my hands playing the knobs, so this is ambient, but with any auto-generative sound, like some of my past videos.

After 7 minutes of playing with atmosphere and very strange lead sounds, I begin to introduce the groove, the song turns into some kind of downtempo as I keep jamming with the structure and the sequences. after a while, I slowly finish the song taking off all the elements.

I wish I could write a full explanation of what I do and what happens on this synth. that would keep you reading the full video and not just watching cables and modules in a video, but I'm not so good at writing, and I don't know if you want to just listen hahaha :)
I hope you enjoy the trip!

that would keep you reading the full video and not just watching cables and modules in a video

would be cool , but the cables are interesting too :D

I will just listen to it anyway now

thanks for sharing it with us 🎶

would be cool , but the cables are interesting too :D

They are also free hahaha

Thanks you for visiting! :)

You are welcome :D

BROOOOOO!!! I didn't even start at the 5 I started at the 0 and went with it. FKN LOVED IT!!! only one suggestion. Can we have EIGHT HOURS of this shit!?!?!?!? I just want to be vibing with it in the BG. My mood is totally lifted by this. Just not long enough... that's what she said. So I have to loop this which I don't mind, its justa extra step I have to take in life is all, LOL! Good freaking job!!!

Can we have EIGHT HOURS of this shit!?!?!?!?

HAHAHA I was thinking just the same, had a lot a fun reading your suggestion XD

I'd be happy to help you achieve that vibe, stay tuned! I think we can get long enough atmosphere sounds with not a single loop hehehe

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