Sammi Jo Rocks.!!

in Music6 months ago

So my pet human "FINALLY" decided to let me post something. He is kinda funny about this thing he calls a Phone. You see my tiger stripe ginger kitty co-pilot and partner in crime Lil' Guy jumped down from above onto his last phone totally shattering the screen into a fansy schmansy spider web design. He was PISSSSSED! He said that was his all time fave phone.

So I will gently post a few of my fave songs. Three on a Tuesday to be exact.

But I better hurry. That silly human hands me the phone at 11:30 and says hurry up @krazzy-kitty and Rock It.!

So here we go look out below.

First will be the cat national anthem. Ted Nugents Cat Scratch Fever.

Lets follow that song with one that cats all over know very well. No, not the meow mix jingle. Bob Segers Katmandu

And the final cut will be a Stray Cats Strut song that you all may know?

Thanks for seeing things from my Kitty POV. (point of view)

Proceed with Caution if your thinking of petting this kitty...




Great selection of songs.

Your cat seems to be in a bad mood, but he's adorable. 😁

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