KrazzyTrukkers Earworms & Mancards...

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Drive / Sleep / Drive / Sleep

rinse and repeat



I gotta kick this 500 hp Detroit 60 series Freight-Shaker into overdrive to clean out the earworms that @galenkp's Three Tune Tuesday
What the Bloody Fuck posting infected my ears with. You can go listen to them at your own risk.

Sometimes you just have to say, "what the bloody fuck!"


Songs to Drive Really Fast To...

Lets Roll!

1. Gear Jammer - George Thorogood & The Destroyers

2. Space Truckin' - Deep Purple

3. Drivin' Wheel - Foghat

There... Now I can have my "mancard" back. LoL

Not Giphy

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'

Now grab that next exit ramp for the big city and a bonus track...

Fool for the City - Foghat


I keep thinking of Roll On Down the Highway when I think of trucking.

Good tunes here!

Bachman Turner Overdrive!

Never saw Lonesome George @dandays but I did see BTO

Saw them Live in the early 90's at Conneaut Lake PA.

You ever seen Lonesome George? I'll wait..


Who do you love..?

One of my Faves from him.

Try not to miss the next one.

Glen Helen, Ca about '95. Ditching security and hopping the back fence at the shitters was nothing compared to that show.

So is BREAKING an ENTERING a thing for You..? Lmao


So YOU really are were the criminal kind..?


According to who's standards?

Pretty much all of humanity and a guy with a shotgun who thankfully used the wrong end on you...
Had he used the weapon properly well... Who would I give all this shit too?

Cats won't even listen to my bullshit anymore.
Atlas listens to your compelling rhetoric right?
Sometimes I think it is all just for the food. More so with cats than dogs tho.


Attach an Atlas photo to your comment/reply for quicker service. Or your ugly mug shot if you don't... Lmao


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Ah yes , yes indeed, some proper ear worms here man, enjoyed those now I must say!

Can imagine you trucking along with Gear Jammer on full blast as you go!