Limp Bizkit... Electile Dysfunction?

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How did I miss this one..?

Limp Bizkit is not my absolute favorite band. But I do enjoy their music and they are somewhat local to my area as The Pookyville Cat Ranch is only an hour or so west of Jacksonville Florida where they are from.

Anyways enjoy this Video that came about early in 2023. It is a video that used a new facial a.i. filter. It makes a political statement. And one I am sure you will agree with... Peace Out

Wes Borland - the lead guitarist as #pedohitlerbiden made me laugh so hard I almost pissed my pants.!!

Fred Durst - singing some really on point lyrics and...

"I'm askin for somethin' while I'm askin for nothin'"

He is asking for peace as Vlad Putin and it is a motherf*&$kin home run.

"We should be on the same team, on the motherfuckin' same team, if we ain't then we nothing...nothing"

DJ Lethal - scratchin" out a Zalensky kinda money grab.

Sam Rivers - is the China Dictator Winnie the XiXi PingPooh on the bass guitar bending the strings.

Jon Otto - Bangin' the skins and L👀kin' an awful lot like Kim Jong.

Last but not least is a cameo from Tom Cruise Playing the frankfurters on the Barby Quew.

Give it listen and let me know if you agree that Limp Bizkit deserves a nobel peace prize for this song calling for peace and showing how foolish these clown world leaders really are.

Just Think About It...

Limp Bizkit - Rearranged

✓✓✓✓ Out My Melody...

Limp Bizkit - My Way

Who the Hell is Limp Bizkit you ask..? Here is a link to a pretty straightforward documentary of who they are and where they came from.

Limp Bizkit

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