Riding the Tunes Out...

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Hurricane Idalia

Whatcha' Doin' @krazzytrukker..?

Well Tuners, I am glad you asked. I know you were gonna ask, right..?

Hurricane songs here tonight. We have been thru many hurricanes in our nearly 28 years here in North Central Florida at the Pookyville Cat Ranch.

Sometimes there will be damage, sometimes not with just heavy rain, wind and flooding. Pretty much a normal #TTT in Florida. Tropical weather is a fact of life here. There will be Loud Thunder/Heavy Rain


First Storm Band went thru at 9 pm. It was pretty intense. Power went out briefly. My biggest fear is the tornadoes it will spawn. We have had a few over the years.

Mother Nature is a pretty powerful beeatch.

We are in for a long night...

The Second Band may really Rock our world with stronger winds and heavier rain than the first.

The Third Band just may be The Eye of the Storm

I never heard that third bands song before doing this post. I have heard of the band "Pop Evil" and this fun song little song called,Bosses Daughter - Hell On 👠 Heels

Thanks for Riding the Storm Out with ol' KrazzyTrukker and the tunes it has blown our way.


Scorpions do set it on fire with the very few first notes ;) 😎

Music to match the mood of weather out there, stay safe!


Put music up high, drown out the noise !LOLZ

My Uncle used to work in a circus as a human cannonball.
They eventually fired him.

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