The Old Home Filler Up & Keep On Truckin' Cafe

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There is this thing called Truckin', You may have heard of it?


Also there is this thing called #TTT #ThreeTuneTuesday, You may have heard of it also?

Well I got sooo busy truckin' last week that I lost track of the days. And missed the Tunes-day. Dammit!

But two weeks ago I rolled on down the highway with a trifecta of Convoy trucking songs. If you want to listen to that, I put the link to it just below. But I must warn you. All that Gear Jammin' may work up an appetite!

CAT Powered with a Detroit 60 series...

If that made you hungry, Then come on into the...

"Old Home Filler Up and Keep On Truckin' Cafe."



"You Don't have to be "Krazzy" to drive this road but it helps"-C.W.Mcall 1975


Falling Off Black Bear Road

"DOGGON IT Roy Gene, how many times do I havta splain it to Ya, when I tell ya ta put a rock under da wheel, I MEAN A ROCK! Now L👀k at that, what you got there, ain't no bigger than a grapefruit..."

Dinosaur 🦕🦖 Poop 💩💩

truck by rocks.jpg
My Kay Dubbya @ Texas Rest Area in AZ. June 30th,2006


"Well I'm Talkin' about Truck Drivin' Man, And He'll Always Give You the Best that He Can"

Thanks for Listenin' and...

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'


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