Three 4 the Price of One...

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Whatcha gonna do on a 2's day afternoon sitting in Wilson NC.?

Seeinz' how I am parked in the corner of their parking area. I am gonna have supper here. I just called em and told em why I was parked here for a Food Lion grocery store delivery in the lot they share. Pups starts serving the Sirloins at 5pm...

I am so in there!

Pups Steakhouse

(Photo from Web Site)

The background music here is smooth jazz instrumentals. Not my style. But foot tap-able.

So what kind of music would go good with high dollar cow parts? The $44 usd melt in your mouth kind of parts.


That was a pretty good meal. Sorry no pictures. I inhaled it, lol. Hey I was hungry!

Grinder - Judas Priest

Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran

Lunch Lady Land - Adam Sandler

Thanks for stopping by to make this delivery with me and enjoy a high dollar meal. I do not do steak out here on the road often. But this place just called my name. Or maybe it was just my tummy growlin?

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