Morktra - Performing I'm Still Here + Announcement

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Greetings Hive!!!!

This is a performance I did night before last from the studio of an old song I’m Still Here, which appears early on in a demo that is available on bandcamp, but on Feb 19, a remastered version of it will be released as a single on Circle Of Death Records


Also on Rumble!!!


I’ve been run over and smacked in the face
life has left me in total disgrace
I’m still here oh lord I’m still here
Call it karma call it fate
death has left and forgot me again
I’m still here oh lord I’m still here
I’m still here to shake my fist in your face
call you out on all your bullshit
be the focus of all of your hate
So now I just say fuck you and
raise my middle finger up
I’m still here oh lord I’m still here

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