A Sailor's Song

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"A Sailor's Song" is a tune that I recorded for my last album "Across Open Seas". I always wanted to do a video for this song but I never found the time nor do I have the proper animation skills that would do the song justice. Unfortunately, my better half @PAtScHWOrK was/is also kept fairly busy, so I decided to try out Fiverr, a platform where a huge variety of different artists offer their services. I reached out to a video/animation artist and we started collaborating. The first draft was quite promising so I had quite high expectations. But in summary it took a lot of back and forth to finally achieve a result that was good (maybe I'll do a separate post about the whole Fiverr experience). Luckily my wife @patschwork provided all the photos you can see in the video.

For now, please enjoy "A Sailor's Song" and let me know what you think of the song and the video!

A Sailor's Song

Over the sea
And far, far away
Beyond the great waves
Into horizon’s embrace
A new life awaits

Blue skies above
The azure sea down below
Wind in our hair
Salt in the air
Freedom within

And the sea takes us far away
From the here & now
And the dog star will guide our way
To the far & then

The sea brings new life
She gives and she takes
The sea brings new hope
To those who still long
For a new course

And the sea takes us far away
From the here & now
And the dog star will guide our way
To the far & then

Over the sea
Over the ocean
Gone with the wind
All is in motion
Dare to be free

And the sea takes us far away
From the here & now
And the dog star will guide our way
To the far & then


The song is great. Lovely music (composition) and lyrics.
The video is also very original (I just find it a bit repetitive in how it moves left and right when the pages are turning. I hope criticism is welcome - it's just an opinion and hope to give feedback with it).
I liked the whole composition.

Thanks a lot @romanie! Your feedback is highly appreciated :) it is indeed repetitive, however the pictures are different (all taken by my lovely wife @patschwork :) ) Cheers!

 5 months ago  

I love the song!

Muchas gracias @ylich! By the way, the song is also on Spotify and all other music platforms :)

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