Mitch van Picklock - Long live the 80s!

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Hey there 80s people,

as I grew up in the 80s (and 90s), I of course have a strong connection to that era. My memories are filled with great adventures, awesome music, movies, computer games and TV shows. From today's point of view, many things might seem trashy or cheesy but on the other hand, that is exactly what gave the 80s its own charm.
As a musician, I had this vision for an 80s Synth project for quite a while now and finally I found the time to put this into reality. Recording music was the easy part, mixing and mastering took ages and I am far from being done with all tracks. But at some point in time you just have to get things out to make room for new stuff.

After the music, the real work starts:

First up was the project name, which was pretty straightforward: My nickname is Mitch (from Michael) and my last name Dietrich in English is Picklock. My wife @patschwork suggested to put "van" in between to make it sound more elegant and give it even a kind of Steampunk character.

Next up was some catchy description of the whole project for the different social media channels:
"Finest Syntrash Steam Metal bringing back the glory of the 80s! Hymns to the heroes and hysteria of that golden decade. And yes, David Hasselhoff will also be featured..."
(we Germans love David Hasselhoff)

My wife provided some great artwork (as always):


I created a small teaser that already contains some music:

Finally I took some photos and shot a video:


In my next post I will write about the song and the video itself that I decided to record.

So long, keep on rockin'!


I do like the sound of this.
I listen to a lot of synthwave these days.

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