Dance Weekend - New Drum & Bass DJ Mix For Your Ears!

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July 2023 Rebound Mix Part 1.jpg

Yes yes, we're continuing the drum & bass theme this weekend as I've got a few more new DJ mixes to share with you.

I've been going through a bit of a rough patch recently but I'm coming out the other side of it and bouncing back! Have been channeling the energy into making 2 x 70 minute DJ mixes which helped keep my creativity going.

These are mostly liquid drum & bass tunes (i.e. the lighter side of dnb) but there are a couple of darker/heavier ones which reflected the mood swings I was experiencing at the time of curating.

If you've been following me for a while across various platforms, you may have heard me play out some of these tunes on the radio shows I was on.

These mixes feature one tune from me but the rest are from other producers whose tunes I have enjoyed over the last 2 decades and have helped me through many tough times, including this recent episode.

Track list is below so if you like some of the tunes you hear then be sure to support the producers who made them!

Hope you enjoy!



00:00 - Kove - Searching
04:04 - Al Pack - Get High
08:37 - Solace - Shivers
12:20 - Marcus Visionary - Love on Love (L Side VIP)
14:55 - Binary - Polaris
18:36 - Visionary - No.9 Dub
22:38 - MSDOS - Earthling
26:41 - Spectrasoul - Always
30:00 - Wisher - Double Happy
34:25 - Arcatype - Callisto
38:04 - Legion & Logam feat. Adam Wright - House of Cards
41:02 - London Elektricity - The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics remix)
45:05 - Giocater & DJ Ike - Need No Blackout
48:23 - Fiendreflex feat. Gina Lola - A Better Life (Nicky Havey remix)
52:04 - Monrroe - Fleeting Love
56:07 - Lenzman & Switch - Ice Cold Soul
1:00:53 - Silence Groove - Moon That Never Sets
1:04:34 - Silence Groove - Scandinavian Dream