Dance Weekend - New Drum & Bass Music - Navajo

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Yes yes crew, we have a new release for your ears, with some more spiritual sounding vibes as I take some inspiration from my travels back in 2014 in Monument Valley.

On the adventure I went on with the travel group, the day after my birthday, I was a little bit "worse for wear" (i.e. massively hungover) and was still in the clothes I wore the night before as I just couldn't muster the strength to get changed, it was a stinker of a hangover!

However, the next place we went to on the trip was Monument Valley and we were treated to a ceremony by the Navajo tribespeople out there in the desert.

Then came a point where they asked if it was anyone's birthday recently and everyone in the group pointed to me, this sorry state of a man still wearing his giant elk t-shirt and looking tired AF lol

The tribespeople nicknamed me "Big Horn" because of that shirt but they gifted me a bracelet which I still have to this day.

I remember we camped out in the desert that night under a blanket of stars and got awoken by the tribesman playing a flute which was so surreal and spiritual.

This memory eventually inspired the creation of the track you are about to listen to below and the artwork, beautifully crafted by @gabrielatravels depicts the sounds and the happy memories from this trip.



Didn't think I was going to come across something this groovy. Been playing since I came across this post some few hours ago ....infact I kept replaying it while I did the house chores....pretty creative beat bro.
It has s mix of the previous and recent style pop.

Great job brotherman!

Thanks a lot for listening in and glad you enjoyed this little tune! Haha, that's great it helped out with the house chores, hopefully it helped get it done a bit quicker 😃

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