DnB To Blast The Monday Blues

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Alright so I felt like sharing more DnB, what can I say! And a remix too!

Maybe because I'm working on another remix of a tune that kept my motivation going when I first heard it from Blame.

It was one of those tunes that had an instant impact when I first heard it but I never heard it again after it appeared in an "unknown dnb mix" that I downloaded many of back in the mid 2000s!

Why were some DJs so tortuous with track listings!

Fast forward many years later and Hive's D-vine invited him on to the Hive music show (I think it was SOTA?) and he brought that tune with him to the show! It was a magic moment to have found this track after all that time!

Work continues on the remix, we'll see how that pans out!

So as we're in a remix mood, I thought I'd share a remix that I made "earlier", which is a dnb take on Freemasons "Rain Down Love" featuring the lovely vocals of Siedah Garrett. The original being another tune that helped me get through some challenging moments but we overcame them, let's go!

It's a free download with a link to that in the description of the video - hope you enjoy


Loved the original and this is a excellent version, love the mix, great to hear a dnb mix of this house classic.

Thanks a lot Darren! I loved the original and didn't hear a DnB version out there after all this time so it had to be done!

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