Love it! Great tune
But also makes me remember these moments!

Ahhh A Night at the Roxbury! Great memories and takes me back! To be at the night clubs in the 90s 😃

I second 😃

My thoughts exactly
Great minds think alike boy 😝

Memories 🤩

Quite enjoyed this mate, nice composition. The way you laid down the vocals really adds to the flavour and gives a mysterious kinda vibe alongside that intergalactic spacesynth (from my point of view lol).

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Thanks a lot @calumam! Glad you enjoyed this one and the intergalactic space synth! Hopefully Haddaway sees it in the same way haha!

Out of this world!!!

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I second Queen 👑🎧😀

Haha! Thank you Bitstrips Queen for the stamp of approval 😃